17th Istanbul Biennial

In collaboration with Soundinit

Soundwalking among routes: Public event for the 17th Istanbul Biennial Istanbul, A collaborative workshop includes a soundwalk by Dictionary of Sensitive Sounds and Soundinit

The workshop organized by Dictionary of Sensitive Sounds (Elif Öner, Evrim Kavcar) and Soundinit (Fulya Uçanok, Serkan Sevilgen) will start with a short briefing on different listening methods and a conversation on the Dictionary of Sensitive Sounds in the garden of Performistanbul. Afterwards, a completely sound-oriented exploration will be started by walking on a route based on the biennial venues. During this walk, where there will be no talking, the participants will evaluate the sounds they hear with different listening methods (semantic, causal and acoustic). This walk, in which the physical characteristics of the sounds (high/lowness, loudness, timbre, direction, distance, space, etc.) will be taken into account and environmental sounds will be experienced, will be completed with a joint evaluation. The sounds that attracted the attention of the participants will be discussed in various aspects by associating them with memory and listening methods. Perhaps a sound that catches our attention during a walk will turn into a recipe that can be added to the Dictionary of Sensitive Sounds.